Day 12 Summary Indiana now! Passed 300 miles! Unbelievable Support and Surprise Coffee Shop!
It was exhilarating, crossing the Ohio River, and entering Indiana, my third state, the Hoosier State, and the state where I have roots. My dad was from Indianapolis, and he attended and taught at Notre Dame, as well as my niece, Olivia Godby, who graduated from ND.
I was somewhat worried throughout the day, because I knew that Henryville had no motel, and it was a very small town, and I wasn’t sure where I would spend the night, no longer having camping gear, and only a T-shirt for the top half my body as the nights are getting cooler.
I arrived into the very tiny town of 1,400, about 5:30 PM. I immediately went to the Catholic Church, and create a strategy plan for sleeping. Across the street from the church was a restaurant. As I was finishing my meal, a customer who was sitting at a table near me, came over and sat in my booth and asked me if I was on the news last night. She asked about the walk. After a little conversation, I mentioned that and I didn’t have a place to stay that night so she made a few suggestions. None of her suggestions would work out since I don’t have a car, so she said, I guess all I can say is good luck!
So, I went up to pay the bill, and the cashier told me that the woman who just left had already paid for my bill. So that was cool. I went back to the church and sat at a picnic table. My phone rang, it was the woman, Patty. She said that they had a sleeping bag that I could use, so her husband brought over the sleeping bag. OK, making progress I’m gonna be warm for the evening!
Next, a sheriff pulls up to my picnic table. After the last incident with the police, I was thinking OK, what now? He was a super nice guy, and he said that somebody had said there was a strange man in town, so he was just checking it out. So, doing his due diligence, he put all my information into their system, and then he really tried to start helping me.
Then, he said, I just confirmed that you can stay here for the night, of course, I was already planning on that. Ha ha! So, he said, let me see what else we can do. I told him I would be sleeping in the picnic area (see attached picture).
I was now in the sleeping bag, attempting to sleep, when 2 other sheriffs pull up to my sleeping area, and asked me what else I needed for the evening. They brought another blanket that I used under my sleeping bag for those hard wooden benches. Even though I tossed and turned throughout the night many times, I did get some sleep.
So, even though I wasn’t sleeping in the Ritz, I have gratitude that I was warm, safe, and did get some sleep!
Thank you for your continued love, support, affection, prayers and helping me on my mission of advancing health equity and creating a more just and healthy world!

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