Day 13 9.10.23: Coffee shop shocker, Maria, cuz Greg, Helping a brother out
This morning, ready for 7-8 miles without water and food, but as I headed out from sleeping on the benches, I saw a light on across the street. I was so amazed because I knew of no business beyond the church. There was nothing on gps. As I approached, I couldn’t believe it. It was a coffee place, Java Station that just opened the week before! The wonderful owners, Brandi and Paul, were there, the coffee was wonderful, a beautiful seating environment, and very friendly staff.
A little bit later, a woman, Maria, who I met the day before, called to check in on me and make sure I was OK. She then prayed over me that brought to me to tears. I have been extremely emotional on this trip and was amazed that it affected me in the way it did. Thank you Maria for caring about me!
I was thrilled that my cousin, Greg, from Indianapolis came all the way down to visit me. I haven’t seen him in probably 40+ years. I will be staying with he and his wife Carla when I’m in Indy on Wednesday. He also arranged 2 other nights in Indiana.
It is wonderful having a support team for an afternoon, as well as a great Mexican meal! The support, friendship, and food made a huge difference and with a little lighter pack as well, I had more energy and a much faster walking speed than I have had for over a week.
Thank you Greg!
I knew I would be facing, one more time, without a place to stay this evening because of there are no hotels or Uber to get to a hotel. As I was walking through a little town, I stopped at a house where a family was hanging out on their porch. I told them of my situation , and a few minutes later, we were in their truck and a ride to a hotel! The very kind gentlemen, the Riders, father and son (8 generations at that property) were proud Hoosiers! Thank you Rider family!
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