Day 15 of 29. The halfway point. A lot of support for the walk has been generated. I’m beyond thrilled with the media coverage so far. 4 TV spots and a newspaper article. One of the primary reasons for putting one’s body on the line in these kind of endurance events is because the media sees the story as “news worthy.” Its like, you’ve earned the right to be heard. This has been part of my strategy for the last 45 years in doing these runs and walks.
I am extremely grateful to you, and everybody that has believed in the mission. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Thank you to everybody that has supported the walk through encouragement in any form, social media sharing posts, writing inspiring comments, financially contributing, hosting me, arranging hosting, feeding a hungry walker, and all the wonderful people I have met on my journey thus far. I greatly appreciate when there is Uber to pick me up, and take me back to ending/starting point when I’m at a hotel.
It may sound silly, but I have gratitude when there are shoulders on the road, when truck drivers and other drivers do their best to give me space, for guard rails on the highways so I can have a seat occasionally, for all the people in convenience stores, Subways, Starbucks, and other places, that provide ice water, and a place to rest, and re-create myself.
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Yesterday was extremely hot and I was exhausted when I got to Columbus City Hall. What I will remember most about yesterday was corn and heat, or heat and corn – very difficult to get water. It was sheer survival. You can see the drone spraying pesticide, and irrigating corn on my way this morning leaving Columbus.
The weather predicted for the coming days is the 70s which should be nice walking weather. Although temps matter, direct sunlight from 10-3 is most draining!
When I am out here, I take nothing for granted, and I appreciate everything, even what may seem minor to somebody not out here.
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