Day 15/29 9.12.23 Beautiful walking weather; beautiful evening with amazing couple; wonderful conversation w 81 yo widow
It was really a a great day yesterday. The weather was perfect for walking, meaning, it was cloudy, very little sun, low 70s all day. The roads were wonderful and the shoulders were magnificent The injury I received 1 mile from City Hall, turned out to be good today. I am extremely grateful.
I met John and Amy, and friends of my cousin, Greg, who treated me like royalty. Amy is a cardiovascular nurse and also helped to take care of my feet. That was really amazing. And beyond the  tremendous hospitality, were the
questions they asked, the interest they had, and their curiosity! Thank you so much! It was a very special evening in Franklin.
This morning, stopped in a diner before walking, and because of the Indy news story, met and talked with a 81 y/o widow, full of energy and life about her life and the walk. So inspiring..
Have an amazing Wednesday!
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