Just met Charles and his wife on the road.  Charles pulled over because he saw about the walk for health equity on the news in Indianapolis. We had a great conversation – they are very supportive of the walk and will follow on social media!

I was dragging big time today. Very uninspiring landscape. Just feeling tired. A little while ago I realized that I had passed 400 miles on leg 2, and walking nine miles without sitting down, looking for a place for miles, when, out of nowhere I see a Starbucks sign! I was so happy and relieved, and, at the same second I saw the Starbucks sign, it dawned on me that I passed 1,000 miles since Myrtle Beach last year!
I was so excited I told the barista, Taylor, and she bought my coffee for me.
So, can you celebrate with me?
So glad to make it to Indianapolis! Great evening with cousin Greg Godby, and his wife, Carla. I greatly appreciate the tremendous support of family! I was blown away by Monuments Circle. It has apparently been there since the 1800s.


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