Day 19: 9.16.23 Purdue Game Day; Rotarian dinner party; Bistro 501; Global festival
This was a SUPER Saturday, starting the day at Dr. Amy Tweedle’s house, and ending at Rotary Renee’s house in West Lafayette!
3.4 miles from West Lafayette, met up with Renee, and husband, Dennis, at a Starbucks. We met so Renee and I could walk the final miles with me through the great towns of Lafayette, and over the bridge to West Lafayette and the City Hall, and to the Global festival at the WL City Hall.
It was wonderful walking with somebody, especially Renee, as she seems to know the two towns inside and out! She pointed out everything in great detail as we walked.
The first stop was Bistro 501. And what a stop it was, organized by Dr Deborah Lightstone! When I walked in the door of this super fantastic deli, expecting my arrival, I was greeted so beautifully by the crew, in a way I will never forget how I felt. It was amazing! Thank you Mary (the owner), and the beautiful staff. It was very special.
They had a BIG basket of food, sandwich, etc prepared for me. The smoothie really made it extra special. The deli location and building are famous for several US presidents haven spoken from the 2nd floor to the peops below.
Renee and I proceeded through beautiful downtown of Lafayette, and over the Wabash River into West Lafayette and the huge campus and 50,000 student body of Purdue U. I met a chef, Michael sitting on a bench over the River, and had an engaging conversation.
The excitement for Purdue’s home game was palpable. As I continued walking I met a woman who played piccolo in the Purdue marching band. Eventually I made my way to City Hall, walking past many pre-game parties, almost crashing the parties, but deciding that the global fest was my target!
The global fest was a beautiful experience. I couldn’t stay too long, but I got my feet wet talking with people at a table teaching diversity, and a table about immigrants. They were both very warm and asked if I could stay in WL longer, and after explaining my messaging on health equity, implicit and explicit bias, etc, they loved the approach.
In the last few days I have come to the realization that if i’m explaining to a person about these issues of the walk, and they get defensive, than I have done a poor job, and I put the burden on myself to do better the next time. When you talk to a person, or group of people, one on one, so to speak, regardless of what side of the political football a person is on, the overwhelmingly majority of people want a more equitable world.
Wish I had more time at the Globalfest, but Renee and I had to keep moving to her house to get ready for the dinner party of some of her Rotarian friends.
The dinner guests were amazing! One was a Global Studies professor at Purdue, another was a retired department chair of veterinary medicine at Purdue, Renee was a Mathematics professor there. It was a relaxing evening talking details of health equity, discrimination, and a few telling lots and lots of stories!
The evening was very special and I appreciate Renee and Dennis for hosting me, and for their wonderful hospitality, and greatly appreciate Renee for all the work she put in connecting me with other Rotary members and clubs, and walking with me and making the journey through the Lafayette’s so special.
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