Day 21 of 28: Passed 500 miles, Great Hoosier welcome with lots of tasty food and a lot of love tossed in!
It was a wonderful day with a great homecoming type welcome. Wanda, 86 y/o, is so full of Hoosier pride. She believes Indiana tomatoes and blueberries are the best anywhere. The tomatoes were incredible! They have owned a 14 acre blueberry farm for over 50 years. Last night’s meal consisted of the tomatoes, corn (who would’ve thought), mashed potatoes, shredded beef, actual whole wheat bread, actual butter, salad, etc. This morning fresh blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc. It was a walker’s delight!
Although this is a “solo” walk across the USA, it really is, in reality, a team sport.! There’s no way I could do this without my support team: family back home, you and from wherever you are cheerleading, a warm bed, wonderful and sustaining food, affection from the people I meet, prayers, blessings, financial support, emotional attachments, suggestions (except that I should do the Appalachian Trail-haha). So, that way a long-winded way to say, thank you so much!
Including today, Tuesday, the start of my fourth week, I have 8 days walking left. Today ends in
Valparaiso, Wednesday in Hammond, Thursday I arrive in Chicago!!

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