Day 23/24: Arriving in Chicago today – 5 days walking left, 2 days off in Chicago with my sister, Mary Rita
Day 23: Beautiful lake in Hobart and meeting Tawni, Walking through hell for 5 miles.
It was awesome meeting Tawni at Lake George in Hobart, IN. I walked off my route a couple of blocks to see this beautiful lake. I was talking to her for at least 10 minutes before I even noticed her gun and realized she was a local cop. She asked for the picture and promised to spread the word.
Later I walked through a 2 mile construction zone and I met these local kids.
The last 5 of the 7 miles to Hammond was a walker’s nightmare – zero shoulder and needing to walk on the street/highway with 2 lanes of traffic coming at you with no margin of error. 5 miles with back pain under these conditions was “hell on Earth.” I waved my hat for safety, and the drivers came through, big time! Driveways and long parking lots helped a little.
There was a microbrewery across the street from the hotel which was wonderful and really hit the spot! Met Alejandro, a seemingly very popular local guy at the bar. We had a great conversation about his family immigration to USA and about health equity!
I met William at the hotel! We had a 45 minute or so conversation about spirituality, racism, end a variety of topics! It was an enlightening conversation!
Next up: Chicago and other NDs meeting! Thank Shaon for organizing!

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