Day 22: 9.19.2023 highlights
Day 23: 6 more days walking! Hammond, IN, today, and then Chicago tomorrow Thursday
The day could not have been any more wonderful! I was met on a rainy day at Valparaiso City Hall at 4:30 by Rotarians, Bill, first photo on left, and Bob. I was then shuttled over to HealthLink to meet up with another Rotarian, Beth, who gave me a tour of their amazing clinic and services to underserved people in the community. It was very heartwarming and remarkable all that they do. More details on this in another post!
The difference between the morning and afternoon walking could not have been any more different. The morning I saw about 10 cars total from 7:30 am to noon, and the afternoon I saw 10 cars every 30 seconds on US Highway 30. The shoulders were like a separate lane, so although loud, I felt safe. The orange-yellow poncho made me stand out easily.
I can’t say enough about Bill, 89, and widowed. He was so incredible! He had been looking forward to my visit, of going out for dinner and breakfast with me. He encouraged me to get whatever I wanted from the menu, and not hold back, because he wanted my experience in Valpo, to be fantastic! After an amazing dinner, we watched Chicago baseball! It was a perfect evening in Valpo! Thanks, Bill! You were a wonderful host!
More about Beth’s work in another post!

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