Day 27 and 28 morning: Rain yesterday morning, heavy at times, eventually led to sunshine in the afternoon and to the arrival of my friend, classmate, and colleague, Allison Becker, her husband, Ry, and son, Sylvan who walked with me the last 2 miles outside the City of Racine to City Hall. We were greeted by Emma, a journalist from a local newspaper (more later).
It was so great to see Allison in her home state of Wisconsin – the Badger State, and cheese state. Found out last night from Allison that fried cheese curds are typical here, and Friday fish fries through the state! We are already planning for next year and my visit to Evansville on leg 3.
It was so great seeing Allison. She is the primary reason I chose to walk through Wisconsin, in addition to its beauty as a state. It’s also now licensed for Naturopathic Medicine which is awesome. Allison was a primary reason for its licensure, as well as the WI ND team. As a result, she received the True Grit award on the behalf of the Wisconsin Association of Naturopathic Doctors by the AANP Last year.
This morning, again a Starbucks on the way to Milwaukee saved me. I now have a chance to regroup with 20 miles left to Milwaukee.
I started at dark anticipating lots of rain today, and slow walking, knowing that I would need to get to Anodyne coffee by 2:30 pm to meet an ND who will walk with me to Milwaukee City Hall.
The sidewalks ended, and it was only me and the cars. I knew it would be raining, but I got absolutely pummeled by the rain. After a couple of miles I ducked under a little roof when I heard lots of lightening and thunder. Ok, the genius I am, said to myself, “this is getting serious!”
After a while of trying to keep my shoes dry, it became futile as the streets were semi-flooding, and there was no way to keep my feet dry.
I don’t mind the rain, but it’s the huge puddles in the ñ right lane where cars and I are supposed
to be that were causing problems! I even broke into a run a few times for short distances to make up some time.
But, 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm meetings will happen. Please keep your prayers and good thoughts coming.


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