Day 7: Labor Day.
PS: I was just about to post the following story when I stopped by a convenience, and a woman was so enthusiastic about the cause of the walk that not only was ice water a no brainer to give, but encouraged me to take a sandwich with me. It’s always said, to not get too high or low emotionally. But it’s not always possible for me under these circumstances.
So much to say, so little time. I’m in Stanford, KY, 44 miles from Lexington in a Dairy Queen, as the coffee shop I was looking forward to, for almost 24 hours, but, unfortunately it was closed for the holiday.
If there was ever a time to ask for your support, this would be the time. I’m OK, determined as ever, but this is highly likely the most brutal part of the trip. You will probably never receive another FB post like this from me again.
Right now, it about sheer survival. I’m also trying to send out press releases to media, doing email newsletter, while also finding a safe place to sleep, places to get water, food, etc in rural Kentucky.
Since noon yesterday the wide shoulders that were like the interstate, are now 0-1 foot wide. I’m waving my reflective shirt wildly with cars approaching and it’s working pretty well, and I’ll stop and get in grass if approaching car is not seeing me. Safety is number one!
From 10-3 is brutal. The sun is intense. Humidity is so high 24 hours a day that clothes that were dry have a moldy, mildew smell. Shade from a passing cloud or trees along the highway is so amazing.
I’m physically fine. I got up this morning from my tent and felt pretty good, all things considering.
As my mother-in-law says to my wife, “this is what you like,” meaning don’t complain, you chose to do this.
I know I’ll be fine but I wasn’t in the mood to pretend.
Yes, this is what I signed up for and if my trip motivates and inspires people to take action for Health Equity, then it will be worth it. I am forever changed and am committed to working on health equity even after reaching Seattle in 2026.
Any support, encouragement, inspiration you may want to give brother on a journey for a more healthy world, support in any way, is emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual. It’s better than gold.
Love you all, and grateful!

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