Immediately after my airing some concerns, no more than 10 minutes later I walk into a convenience store and meet Angie. So enthusiastic about the cause, that she not only went over to grab me the largest cup they had to fill with ice, but she insisted that I get something to eat.
A while later, several people ask me if I need a ride. The roads varied from the wonderful and beautiful, to 2 lane, no shoulders. really bad, but just deal with it!
I hadn’t yet knocked on any doors of houses I passed, but finally, I knew the roads ahead in the middle of 90 degrees, 100% humidity, would have no convenience stores, so i decided to be bold, just knock, and ask! Be bold or go home.
I knocked on the door and nobody answered, but I saw people swimming in backyard, so I went around to the back, and told them of my needs. She thought I had asked instead of for drinking water, if I could get get into their doughboy pool. We laughed.
She immediately got out of the pool, and gave md several cold water bottles, and made me a sandwich and sent some kids snacks! Both women are teachers. One said she can’t wait to tell her 7th graders about the walk. So I sat on their porch and enjoyed my winnings!
Strike, while the iron’s hot! A little further down the road, two men were standing in front of their house. I asked one, about water, and a bathroom. So he went out his way to get ice water, showed me a magnificent view of the valley, offered beer and told me that they inherited the house and have had it in the family 150 years.
Although within stringing distance of Lexington, there weren’t any hotels, or churches, and no Uber, so I camped on the side of the road on this off street in front of a trucking company piece of grass.
Day 8 was unbelievable as so many had seen the late evening and morning news! An older gentleman saw me near a Hardee’s while in a parking lot and bought me breakfast. Another Hardee’s customer slipped me a $20. Later, I stopped in a convenience store and met Rebecca, an amazing, amazing woman. So sincere. She saw the story and was touched. At the same time. I met Chasandra and dad, Ross, a Baptist minister, and Greg. What a beautiful conversation!
Planning just to get water and rest at a Mexican restaurant, when I walked in, a group of 4 were sitting together, when the woman sees me she says, hi doctor. So, in the meantime, I order and eat one of the best fajitas I’ve ever eaten. So, I ask for the bill, and waiter said it has already been paid for.
With just 5 miles to go, completely drenched in sweat, I stopped by a Starbucks and meet Caryn!
People are passionate about the issue of health equity!
It has been wonderful!
Tomorrow, onto the Capitol of Kentucky, Frankfort!!

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