Day 9: Threatened by Versailles Police
Today it rained for several hours. Everything was soaked, including the grass on the side of the road. After it had stopped raining, and I had walked for 19 miles, 2 police in 2 different cars pulled me over to warn and threaten me that I could not walk on the pavement at all. They told me I had 3 options: 1. they could give me a ride to where there are sidewalks, 2. I could walk in the grass through Kentucky or 3. they would put me in jail. They threatened me with jail, at least three times, both of them on 2 different occasions.
I of course challenged them about their so called law that I’d been apparently breaking for 50 years. They said that because they didn’t like my attitude, and they knew I would walk anyway on the highway, that they were going to watch me walk for a while, and that would get ahead of me and was watching me for at least a mile or two. Walking in the grass is crazy. It dramatically increases risk of blisters, ankle sprains, ticks, and extremely difficult walking.
You can see the cop on the right, and the one on the left, just waiting to pounce on me if I walked on the asphalt.
Now, imagine if i was a Black man walking on the highway, it would be Dead Man Walking. That’s why I have to do it, or people that look like me.

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