Day 11, 9.8.34 Arrive in Louisville today, tomorrow in Indiana
Day 10 Summary: Everyday, I feel more and more effective in my health equity messaging, and talking about bias in reaching and transforming hearts almost anywhere. I’ve given out of Walk business cards. I tell each person I encounter, even 2 women on the elevator when I was absolutely stinking, their photo is included, about walking across USA. That gets their curiosity. If they seem mildly interested, I then tell them I’m a Naturopathic doctor from California. Now, they are very interested. I then tell them I’m walking across USA for health equity. See what they say. Then I explain that equity is different that equality bec if a family of four all want to ride a bicycle, equality means they all get the same bicycle, but the reality is, every person has different needs.
Re bias, discrimination, I say all of us have biases, and we don’t need to get defensive about. We all just have to do better if we want a more health equitable, just and fair country.
In another post, I’ll talk about Naturopathic medicine which virtually nobody has ever heard of out here.
29+ miles yesterday. Temps have cooled into the 70s which has been awesome. I’m still trying to get an exact number of “flights of stairs”equivalent to the hills climbed. I’m guessing now it’s about 1,500 flights of stairs over the last 10 days!
TGI lF! Stay healthy and safe! Much love from the hills of Kentucky, Dennis

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