Day 11 (Yesterday) Arriving into Louisville!
Great news: WLKY reporter, Sam (see picture) drove 20 miles outside of Louisville, to get the story, and was a huge boost for the day! Make sure to see interview on previous post. He loved the issue of health equity, walking for the cause, and was extremely heartened to how the walk was unfolding and said he would help to promote.
Telling the truth, I staggered into Louisville City Hall. Miles 11-8 into the City were unbelievable. Cars leaving Louisville on a Friday afternoon, two lanes in both directions with non-stop traffic, and a one foot shoulder. I was walking against traffic, of course, waving my arms like I was doing aerobics. The drivers were awesome. About every 3-5 minutes and I had to go off into the grass to rest my arms.
As I was walking along today, I waved to a woman, on a parallel street, and then she waved back, but it seemed like she needed help. She indeed was stuck. She couldn’t get a piece of furniture into her car. So, I helped her to do that. It wasn’t a big deal. But, the Vietnamese woman, Lana, was so appreciative and wanted to feed me! I told her I had to keep walking. She told me she came over to USA w the boat people in 1975.
Even though I lightened my backpack a couple of day ago by getting rid of camping gear, I felt like a drunk, as much as I adjusted the distribution of weight in my backpack, I couldn’t stop leaning to the right. Getting to City Hall the last few miles seemed like a miracle w excruciating back pain. The good news, is so far, so good re my back, reporting in from just over the border into Indiana.
Louisville, the birthplace of Muhammad Ali, seemed to be a cool city. I wish I had more time to explore.
Indiana, Illinois. and Wisconsin to go!

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