Logistics for WUHE Walk

Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, will walk across the USA, one-fifth of the country, each year.

  1. The first leg of the walk (605 miles)was successfully completed from Myrtle Beach to Knoxville (see blog), October 10, 2022. Leg 2 starts in Knoxville, TNAugust 29, and ends in Milwaukee, WI, September 28, 2023 (please see attached itinerary). The 3rd to 5th legs will take place from Milwaukee to Seattle, 2024-2026.
  2. Walk with Dr. Godby in Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin through towns along the way. Walkers are responsible for their own transportation, to and from the walk, and must be wearing extremely reflective gear for safety on the highway. The walking route from town to town is the Google “walking” route, exactly as on the itinerary. Please see itinerary link below!
  3. Communities along, or near the route, are encouraged to organize and schedule as many educational health events as possible, in such locations as: schools, libraries, churches, medical offices, restaurants, or other places in town where people gather.
  4. Godby will be wearing a backpack, and camping overnight, unless other lodging is provided.
  5. Each day’s walk will take approximately 7-9 hours, depending on the day’s scheduled distance, and the many conversations along the way. The average miles per day is about 24. Most days, the walk will begin about 8 am, and end about 4-5 pm, depending on local events planned, and other unforeseen factors
  6. Contacting media(local and national) is essential through press releases, or phone calls to newsrooms of local media.
  7. Governors, legislators, mayors, and elected officialswould ideally be contacted and “proclamations” of support from these governmental offices would be helpful.
  8. Churches, temples, mosques, fraternal organizations, and other organizations are encouraged to be invited to host preventive medicine talksfor their communities on the day WUHE is scheduled for their town.
  9. Topics of community forums include, but not limited to: Vitamin D, access to safe drinking water, exercise, fitness, access to fruit and vegetables, nutrition, mental health, and safe and walkable neighborhoods. Your ideas are welcome!

WUHE Itinerary

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