The first event for Leg 2 for Walk USA for Health Equity was nothing short of spectacular! I just wish you could have been here to witness Dr. Deborah Langheld, ND, doing her thing demonstrating some of her ways of helping people to heal and optimize their health. I have never seen anything like it. We have to get Tennessee licensed for Naturopathic Medicine. Although it was a very long day of setting up,
for what the people participating learned, it was well worth it!
I had the time and opportunity to explain to many of the participants exactly what Health Equity is, in a very non-threatening, empowering way. Health equity is not just about helping “the poor,” but about overcoming: discrimination, implicit and explicit biases which we all have, structural isms that prevent all Americans from getting optimal health care. It is about social justice. It’s about 2 people with the same insurance policy with the same disease getting the same equal treatment. Once explained, Americans get it and support health equity. That’s what is especially encouraging.
I love being out here. Thank you so much for your support and spreading the news of the walk.
A Clinton (TN) Courier-News reporter was there to do a story scheduled to run on Wednesday, and on their website on Friday!
Tonight is the Walk eve event at TomatoHead Restaurant at Historic Market Square in Knoxville at 5 pm.
The walk begins tomorrow 9 am EST at Knoxville City Hall!!
Instagram: @walkusaforhealthequityorg
Cell: 530-400-1385
Thank you Dr. Deb Langheld for your unbelievable help and thank you to her parents, Roy and Teri Langheld, for the great support and hospitality! I greatly appreciate it!

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