9.24.22 Day 13: Kernersville
Free food all day! I thought the day might be a little rough emotionally w Jeremiah going back to Sacramento, but it was quite unbelievable!
J drops me off at a Starbucks, and then I’m to uber back to where I left off in Greensboro. So, before I could even take off my now FULL backpack w/o Jeremiah around to carry some stuff in the van, a man and woman see me and ask loudly what I was going. When I told them, they said, “savage.” That’s so amazing. They asked me if they could buy me food, and I hesitated a little, and the guy says, never hesitate, always say yes. So, they bought coffee and breakfast sandwich. They were so enthusiastic, supportive and extremely funny!
After 18 miles, w/o a break, except a few minutes under the bridge when it rained a little, i was really looking forward to stopping at a brewery for IPA and badly needed food. I was counting down the .1 of a mile before getting there – very tired after 6 straight hours of walking.
But when I asked the bartender about food, she said, we don’t have any food.
But when I went out to the porch in the back, a woman from a big group with a lot of their own food noticed me with my pack and asked me what I was doing and I told her about the walk – she told the group and they encouraged me to take as much food as I wanted from their wide assortment of picnic options!. So, I cheerfully accepted! 😊🙏🏼
What else happened? I’m at Starbucks past Kernersville with no place to stay at 6 pm. I’m thinking, where are all the churches that I could sleep on their property? Then I check my map, and see that two blocks ahead there is a big Baptist church! I said I’ll try there. I get there and the deaf community from the church are having a picnic. I asked a woman on the grounds nearby. She says talk to Jim in so and so clothes. I tell them my story, and after talking by telephone to pastor, they invite me to eat as much as food as I want, take plenty of bottled waters, and encouraged me take a shower in their facility, and everybody is so nice, and then before I go, three men said a prayer for my journey. Now I’m camping in their covered picnic area!! ❤️🙏🏼
So much gratitude! Thank you for all your support as well! It means a lot!
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