9.27.2022 Day 16
I consider myself the “health equity and Naturopathic pilgrim.” Right now, and into the future, my job is to get these words into the public domain. That is what the walk is all about.
This walk will hopefully permanently change my life so that when I go back to Sacramento, the humility, gratitude, and compassion for others, which is so much of what I am attempting on this trip, will remain – even for people that hate my beliefs. This is what non-violence is all about.
It was a long walk yesterday of over 24 miles on Day 15, and 19 miles today on Day 16. I started adding more miles since Sunday so I don’t have to do the 29 on the schedule for Thursday, heading into Charlotte.
And the hurricane-related rains come Friday-Monday on my route to Asheville!
I had to get an Uber yesterday to get to my hotel, and the driver had a confederate flag on his bumper, and he had the first dirty car of an Uber driver. He asked why I was walking, and I said “health equity” and the guy said, “that’s really cool.” Nobody on my trip has expressed disagreement with health equity, or that it is not worth pursuing.
Today, I walked through Salisbury, but missed all the restaurants, so, instead I walked into a store looking for a belt. I sent back both belts w Jeremiah, and so LOL, one shorts fits perfectly at the waist, but the other ones I’m having a hard time keeping my shorts on w/o a belt. It’s a tough problem I’m having if I can’t even keep my shorts on my waist while I’m walking! The store wanted $60 for the belt, so I’ll keep looking.
So, the map showed the ”Friendly Pub” nearby. So I walked into this extremely dark bar, and they asked if I was a member. I said no, so one of the guys said, he’ll be my guest, and I’ll buy him a beer. They all asked about the walk – esp. the bartender! They had some great chicken wings, and then she brought me another non-requested beer – after all I’m walking on the highway. I don’t want to be an inebriated walker! The rest of the walk turned out ok!
Tamberlyn Blinsink, ND picked me up near Mooresville. Thank you so much Tamberlyn for letting this weary walker stay at your place for a couple days, the taxi service, and incredible meals, conversation and friendship. It means a lot!
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