Sleeping arrangements at a Baptist church on my second night. I’m moving up in the world! I actually got permission to put my tent down in the carport, sheriff’s been alerted that a Californian is in town! The deacon even brought me cold water. No, but seriously! Thank you!
The tent can protect me from the mosquitos, and the many bugs, but you can’t escape the humidity. You can run, but you can’t hide.
Blisters possibly coming on, along with rash in the shorts area because of wetness. I guess too many details!
Walking mostly rural areas today, and temp 89-90 and close to 2,000% humidity, I needed help from people with houses along the road for ice water, as well as a lot of convenience stores.
Tomorrow may be the toughest day w/o stores on route, and mostly farm/forested areas!
But, it’s all good, with the attitude of gratitude!
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