10.2.22 Day 21 of 29 (photos from last 2 days)
53 miles in the last 2 days!
So much to say, so little time!
The women in the photo were having a great time doing a breast cancer awareness event at the wings place I went to for dinner. Also, had a long conversation with a super trucker at the bar while this breast cancer event was going on. A fun evening after a long walk.
BREAKFAST at hotels:
Bagels, 3 high carb cereals, including Froot Loops, low fat yogurt and milk, hydrogenated “butter” and cream, juice, waffles, jelly, etc. I wonder why Americans are so overweight?
I haven’t mentioned the hills yet, but they started around Raleigh, and have continued to intensify after Charlotte, enroute to Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hill training in SacramenFLATo is difficult since Sac is as “flat as a pancake!
A shout out to truckers! They have been absolutely outstanding about moving lanes as soon as they see me.
There were 2 dangerous bridges today I had to cross. I decided to wave my hat vigorously so that the cars would move over. There was no shoulder and no raised area to walk on! That is the first time I have been in that situation. The waving hat trick worked well!
The countryside is beautiful. Fall colors are beginning to emerge!
Tomorrow evening (Monday) my Alaskan sister, Mary Rita Godby Ely, is arriving to support me. I’m super stoked she is coming all this way to help! It should be awesome!
I’m staying focused on the rest of the walk, but my mind will wander into next year’s walk and how to improve it, as well as when I get back to the office and see our amazing staff, as well as home life with Wilma Godby, and see my sons, Isaiah, and Jeremiah!
My body is doing well, but I’m running into prostate issues of having to pee way too often. Any NDs out there that might have suggestions, Geo Espinosa, for example, please let me know, and, believe it or not, I’m actually putting on a little belly fat since I started the walk.
If you are In Asheville area I hope you can meet and greet me at a 4:30 rally and media, Tuesday, October 4
The finale in Knoxville will conclude with a rally and media with super enthusiastic and wonderful Deborah Langheld, ND, and huge supporter, and family friend, Claudia Pederson Kehler.
Rally and media Knoxville City Hall, 4:30 pm, Monday, October 10.
If you would to help with expenses for the walk:
Instagram: WalkUSAForHealthEquity
Twitter: healthequtywalk
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