10.5.2022 Day 24 (planned day off in Asheville, NC)
500 miles walked (103 miles in the last 4 days)
108 miles to go from Asheville, NC to Knoxville, TN
Scenery from Days 22-23 was spectacular! What a way to end North Carolina. Although there’s still 2 days left in NC, this is the last town before Tennessee.
Going back to Day 21 evening after posting, I had ordered food from my motel room, and the guy that delivered the food, Chad Roberson, became a friend instantly. When he found out about the walk, he immediately went to TikTok to fo do a video with me for his many followers. And then he drove all the way to Asheville to meet me at Asheville City Hall.
Then the next morning after meeting Chad, I tried and tried to Uber or Lyft back to Rutherfordton from the motel lobby to continue walking ASAP, but I was getting behind schedule, when Susie Nelson entered the scene. We began talking when she found out about needing a ride, and she immediately offered to take me, and being dressed in reflective green, when asked, I assured her I wasn’t an axe murderer! LOL. I offered her gas money, but she refused to take it and said we alll can do kind things for each other!
Yesterday was especially awesome with Mary Rita supporting me, and despite the hills, was my fastest time on the trip doing the 25 miles in less than 8 hours!
We have an event today at New Belgium Brewery at 12:30 pm in Asheville, then my sister and I will drive the next 60 miles of the route to scout out the road and accommodations as this is the most unknown of the trip.
Thank you again for all your support, comments, sharing these posts and the health equity story!
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