This has been an incredible day. The day on the walk ended with meeting my brother, Gerald!(pictured below) I saw him on his porch, and was so excited telling him about the walk, I walked towards him, and fell into a little ditch, but I quickly recovered. When I told him, he promptly went to the fridge and grabbed me a Powerade (that’s no sugar thank you very much)! We had a great conversation about his growing up in NC, and about health equity, and a variety of topics, and his recent health challenges.
Some drivers have begun to recognize me on the highway, and the word is spreading a little about this old walker on the highway.
The people have been great, generous, kind, and courteous drivers. It’s been awesome!
Also, thirsty, and without water, I searched for a hose with running water at mid-day but to no avail, but saw friendly welcome flags, knocked on the door, and a carpenter, off for the day, gave me three big bottles of water, and a lot of friendly support!
Peace and blessings!
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