I might have too much time on my hands walking, but you be the judge! LOL!
Claudia Pederson Kehler, or anybody else have the answer, why do people have such big lawns? I’ve talked to a couple of people about it and they just say – that’s the way it is in rural areas.
I have seen dozens of people on their mowing machines, and the locals I’ve talked with say, it takes a whole day to cut it. Maybe I’m just old and cranky, but, I, for the life of me, can’t figure out why people would take a day per week, 14% of their week, maybe, 30 times per year cutting grass!
I asked Gerald from a previous post, and he said they have a lot of family get together and the grass is nice for those occasions!
The walk is going extremely well!! I’m about 42 miles from Fayetteville, and a lot of civil rights history. I’ll be there Friday late afternoon (God-willing and the creeks don’t rise)!
Thank you so much for your interest in the walk, health equity, and my journey! It means more than you can possibly imagine!
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