Guess who arrived to NC to help me – my son Jeremiah! It was fantastic to see him. Emotionally, it was a big lift!
Tuesday evening, while sleeping in my tent, and sweating like I was in a 160 degree sauna, my wife called and said, she hoped it was ok, but she made an “executive” decision to send Jeremiah out to support me. She said they were really concerned about my safety. I mean, they act like I’m old or something!! So Jerry’s planning to stay a week and I can lighten my backpack load! It has been amazing not feeling like a mule!
Tonight, after 27 miles, Jeremiah and I decided to get a beer, sit in air-conditioned restaurant. Neither existed in Tar Heel. We went to a fast food restaurant to get cool, but it was closed for mechanical reasons, then decided to go to Jamaican restaurant, which turned out to be only take out, then we went to get a beer, and it turns out it is a “dry” county w/o alcohol so we went in advance to Fayetteville, and are really living it up in a hotel, and will return tomorrow morning to Tar Heel for last miles to Fayetteville City Hall!Day
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