Why a photo of sidewalk? Because it’s one of the most exciting things for me to see when I’m walking long distance bec. I feel safe! The road is the most serious issue doing these kind of events! Sidewalks represent safety!
As I rolled into Bradenboro I met this very nice woman tending her garden and game me a hearty welcome to town and agreed with me about sidewalks and said city council is meeting for contentious debates about whether more sidewalks should be added!
She sent me to a restaurant down the road where I met about 10 people in a very typical diner – but, I was seriously disappointed that they had no coffee. But, the burger was great, and the people enthralled with the idea of walking across the country, and the staff completely stopped working so they could concentrate on what I was saying. I’m handing out a lot of Walk business cards which includes the definition of health equity.
Down the road a minute, I ran into a woman selling tomatoes and peanuts, and hit it off with her. She gave me a delicious tomato and I gave her some medical advice and asking her to contact me for any questions she might have.
A little while later, 1 pm or so and getting hot, I was walking along and saw a sign about Jesus saves, which are everywhere, and I was thinking about that sign and a woman came running out of her house on the opposite side of the 2 lane road/highway and asked if I needed some cold water. So, of course, I accepted. She proceeded to tell me in about 3 minutes that she’s a widow, raising a godchild and teaching her amazing things, like how to read. She was so proud! Then she told me she had gotten involved w the wrong guy, and he beat her real badly. He now has disappeared, thank God.
I left thinking about her for hours as I walked down the road. I really feel like I’m on a mission! Today was awesome!
I walked a few miles short of my goals on Monday and Tuesday, so I had to do close to 27 miles today per day to have just 24 tomorrow to Fayetteville.
Surprise next post!
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