Day 5: Everyday is different, but it is also like “groundhog’s day.”
After making it to Fayetteville City Hall, and celebrating 111 miles, Jeremiah and I had a long awaited cold beer and dinner at a brewery just a few doors from City
Next stop is Raleigh on Monday – 59 miles away.
I started off Day 5 this morning from Tar Heel, the largest pork production town in the world, and certainly the smell of the town is somewhat what you might expect.
I met Derek on the highway. He’s the only other person I have seen walking on the highway on this journey. He’s 23 and was walking back home after an interview at McDonald’s. He is a super sweet guy! I pulled out a $20 bill and gave it to him. He was shocked. He said he could really use it.
A few minutes later, his mom drove up on the highway, and was surprised to see me talking w her son, and couldn’t believe about the walk. but extremely elated when I told her she had a great son. In fact, she almost burst into tears of appreciation and relief bec of what I said about her son, and decided to interview me about the walk.
A few miles later, I walked a few steps off the shoulder to take a call, and within seconds, I was invaded by biting ants. I must’ve had hundreds of those little buggers on my legs, socks and shoes. After temporarily freaking out, I cleaned them off and kept walking!
My appetite was dormant for the first few days while walking, but is now returning to a Godby normal! If you are on the future route of the walk, watch your cupboards! You have fair warning.
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