Day 6: The power of REGRET: Blown opportunities and sticky, gooey donuts!
Sometimes we really feel like we screwed up, and then instead of living and learning from mistake, and letting it go, we make another one.
We often tell each other to not live in the past – but what happened today to me on day 6 has the permanent power of regret, which, for me is a good thing.
This morning i was leaving Fayetteville downtown, and within a few blocks of the start, i was thinking, it’s too bad we couldn’t have connected with Zion AME (African Methodist Evangelical) churchesI As soon as that thought went through my brain, I saw a AME RV and van ready to serve food to hungry people.
I stopped and approached a woman in the driver’s seat of the van and told her about the walk. I gave her a biz card about the walk,
Twice, she asked me to eat breakfast with them, and twice, I said I had eaten, and had to keep moving to Raleigh!
After leaving the parking lot, I felt like a complete idiot. Why would I be trying to contact AME churches for months, to no avail, and there they are, right there, and I literally walk away.
I was so concerned about getting my walking miles in towards Raleigh, but I momentarily went insane, and didn’t take advantage of the opportunity for fellowship.
Twice she asked me, and twice I said no. I can’t do this again on the trip, or when I return. I really thought about how stupid this was for hours. I love to be efficient and productive, but this was entirely unproductive!
So now I am thinking about this for hours since this morning and then I was sad and I see a donut shop and decided to eat donuts, which I almost never do. I guess I needed a neurotransmitter rush. It was the warmest, gooiest, stickiest donut I have eaten!
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