Days 1-7: 153 miles, Myrtle Beach, SC to 14 miles south of Raleigh, NC.
25% of the walk’s miles are completed!
Although the day started with me struggling through the first miles, and needing a Bojangles restaurant mental health break as I felt slightly nauseous, mentally and physically sluggish. It ended fantastically.
I felt on a “high” most of the day as I have waved to thousands of drivers as they pass me. It is not only a friendly signal to people, but the wave keeps me safe. The wave is probably more visible than any safety equipment one can purchase. And, my hand and arm are always with me. It’s awesome. I know that many people who waved back were filled w emotion! I would estimate about 90% wave back!
With just a mile or two to go today, and feeling on cloud 9, and listening to inspiring music from Pandora, I ran into a Mexican couple driving, and they stopped to help a thirsty walker, and offered water and their fav prized pears. But, they were holding up traffic, and so they kept moving. I apologized to the next driver, a buffed, handsome, athletic type, and he said, I heard you speaking Spanish! That’s awesome, I teach high school Spanish! So he asked about the cause and if we had social media and he wants to follow. Here you have 2 men, exchanging  emotional messages, and now holding up the next cars. My bad!!
Being out on the road i feel 100% compassion from everybody I encounter. I’m somewhat surprising myself.
If you worry about my safety from drivers – don’t worry. If you worry about my safety from dangerous people – don’t!
New week: Raleigh, Durham/Duke, Chapel Hill and Univ of NC.
Life is good.
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