Although painful, until our history of racism is confronted, we will never be at peace! The very week I was born, the Clinton 12 story was happening, 4th week of August, 1956. Although I was born and raised in California, we weren’t immune from racism. Racism and otherisms didn’t just happen in the South!!
In 1950, Blacks in Clinton, TN, wanted their high school kids to have opportunity to be able to go to schools with the best resources, as White kids. The lower courts turned them down and sided w segregationists.
Then 1954 Supreme Court, Brown vs. Board of Education required integration. Schools delayed, then were forced to accept Black students in 1956 in Clinton. Although many of the Clinton white folks didn’t necessarily want integration, they also wanted to obey the law. And all seemed good. There was outward peace in the beginning.
The first day of school turned out better than expected, then, the White Supremacists entered the picture and then complete and utter pandemonium took place.
You can read the details, but although the principal, and many White students resisted the racism inspired by Klan, eventually Clinton High School was bombed and destroyed. Only 2 of the original 12 students eventually graduated. Many that supported, or were even just following the Supreme Court were severely beaten, including the school principal.
It’s our history. It’s sad. It’s racist! It’s ugly!! I hope you believe as I do, that all people are our brothers and sisters. I’m disgusted, saddened, horrified by this 400 years of racism, but it must be confronted.
Will you stand up for people of color today? Will you stick your neck out!
I’m walking across USA for Health Equity, because I can!
If not me, who, if not now, when?
This is not ancient history! This is going on right now! How will you stand up? This is our time to shine!

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