Day 9/9: loved doing the talk at Duke University this afternoon! The students were awesome, Leo Williams, a Durham City Council member, and restaurant owner, the other speaker, were awesome. Maurice Werness Jr., ND in Durham, my social justice ND brother, introduced us.
I believe the talk went very well, with the exception of having only 30 minutes instead of an hour, which threw off my talk, and shortchanged my conversation about the actual topic – Health equity!
The students were totally engaged and sensed my heart and why I was there. They asked great questions about how does one become more compassionate, how does spirituality guide what we do, if it does, how does one stay focused and grounded when the battle is so great?
I really drove home the point that by being a student at Duke, regardless of their status prior to starting Duke, they are now priviledged! What are they going to do this with privilege, use it to amass wealth and exploit the poor and marginalized, or to side with the poor and help to create more just systems? They have choices to make. Rose Kennedy, mother of President Kennedy, used to tell her children, “much is given, much is expected!”
Last night and tonight Jeremiah and I are staying at Maurice’s farm! The veggie photos are from their garden! Everything is so peaceful here! Thanks Maurice. Everything is built sustainably! They have so many great things going on environmentally at his farm! It is inspiring!Day
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