Day 4: Tigers, and lions and bears oh my! Ok, no lions or tigers, but I’m camping tonight at a church in their covered patio! The very kind pastor asked what else I needed, but he said to be careful as they frequently have bears here. I’m outside so I have to keep my food far away from pack!
I’ll keep my extremely loud obnoxious noise thing to scare away dogs on my body! Don’t know if it would work on bears, but hopefully I don’t have to find out!
Apple and Google gps maps for walking haven’t been the greatest so far. Today, at one point it said I had 38 miles to Somerset, then a few minutes later, I had 40 miles to go and said to take U-turn. So I looked at the map, and I knew that I would have to go extra miles, so I just mapped it myself even though gps told me a million times to turn around. It worked great except I had to walk on the highway which depressing when hot.
It was extremely hot. It was about 90 degrees in mostly all sun in peak hours of 11-2. I could find water fast enough, but good Samaritans helped me! Electrolytes are key, and obviously, a lot of water. Salty good helps, especially pickle juice. Thank you, Melissa Bosserman!
So glad to be in Kentucky, but the poverty is heart-breaking. I was told when I got to TN-KY border to not accept rides as hwy 27 is a very known corridor for child trafficking! I really don’t think there’s a market for trafficking seniors, or maybe the walk has made me look younger! Haha! Also, I was warned about people on meth!
But mostly, it was construction workers asking about about the walk and Heath Equity, and giving me ice cold water, and a very, very poor store owner giving me a free Gatorade when I was so thirsty!
Please check out the article in Clinton, TN newsletter about the walk. Please share it on FB/Instagram, etc. Thank you!

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