Dr. Dennis Godby, an author and champion for health equity and access for all, stands out amongst leaders of similar pursuits. Putting his steps where his heart lies, he takes great care and effort to be vocal for his cause – a healthier future for everyone. Dr. Godby has been giving, resourceful, and steadfast toward our shared goals. His selfless sharing of naturopathic education has enriched our endeavors, and the community-at-large. We’re cheering you on, Dr. Godby, on your Walk USA for Health Equity – a massive feat to raise awareness of inconsistencies in health care and access, and for better global health. Thank you for your partnership and care for those in need.

Kristene (K.N.) Smith, CEO
Mental Health California

Dr. Dennis Godby, ND leads with his heart. He sees injustices in the world and literally takes concrete steps to end them. With his project Walk USA For Health Equity, Dennis has embarked on an ambitious challenge to walk the entire breadth of the US bringing attention to the disparities in our healthcare system. Luckily, with a quick smile and uninterrupted friendliness, Dennis is finding many along his route to share in his progress and to help support a change to bring equity for all.

As a skilled healthcare provider and educator, Dennis is a captivating spokesperson to bring diverse communities together to help solve this problem. I urge all of my colleagues, and anyone interested in health equity to check out Walk USA for Health Equity. You can become part of the discussion, take steps in your own local communities, and lend support to those making change.

I am personally honored to have been a part of Walk USA For Health Equity and to have had the chance to host Dennis while he was in NC.

-Dr. Tamberlyn Blinsink, ND, MPH

Dr. Dennis Godby is a health equity advocate and social justice warrior who is committed to creating a better world. Fueled by an understanding of the long-standing disparities in the social determinants of health, Dr. Godby has worked tirelessly over the years to close these gaps so that all people can have access to a better quality of life. His passion for healthy living is evident in all he has done throughout his life, including various runs and walks across the USA, spreading awareness about the importance of naturopathic medicine, and later for health equity. He is more than a thought leader in these areas—he is a “do-er,” seeking to change the narrative about who deserves to be well. His care for humanity is evident in all that he does, both personally and professionally, and it speaks to the depth of his character and the profound compassion that emanates from his heart. Dr. Godby is an incredible inspiration, and our world is brighter because of his presence in it.

—Shacunda Rodgers, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist