Walk USA for Health Equity 29th, and final day, Leg 1! 605 miles.
I had an amazing day in Knoxville! Since I arrived early to Knoxville, I had an opportunity to relax with coffee in a historic hotel, and then walking around downtown, yes, more walking, sometimes up “heartbreak” hills like in Seattle and San Francisco!
There are not enough words of gratitude in the English language to be able to describe how I felt yesterday, Monday, October 10, with tremendous family friends Claudia Pederson Kehler and Jon driving all the way from Western Tennessee to be at the finish, as well as Knoxville Naturopathic Doctor, Deborah Langheld, accompanying me for the afternoon. It’s a day I’ll never forget! Thank you!
I look forward to flying back to Sacramento today, and begin seeing patients, Thursday!!
Again, thank you to every single person who has contributed to the walk in any way! I greatly appreciate you. I was fueled by your support.
I look forward to next year’s journey beginning from Knoxville, where Deborah will be helping enormously to make the Knoxville start very special. The walk will then proceed through Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, specifically Chicago, and then Milwaukee!
If your wondering how my body feels, it really feels great. I’ve lost a little upper body strength, and put on a little abdominal fat, but with a return to my normal exercise routine, and low carb nutrition, with a ton of vegetables, and detox, I should be back to my normal soon! I’ll begin today to cut to 10,000 steps a day until the end of the year, and increase my walking and training for leg 2, in January!
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